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You don't have to cope on your own


I believe if you are considering psychotherapy, of trusting the most intimate, vulnerable side of yourself to the care of a therapist, it would be helpful to know something of them, their values and something of who they are. So, a little about me… I trained in engineering in my early years. Following this I spent three years training to become qualified as a Registered General Nurse and when qualified I worked in a day surgery unit for a decade. I later trained as an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate acting on behalf of people who lacked capacity (a legal definition, as defined by the Mental Capacity Act) and faced life-changing decisions. As engaging as these jobs were, as nice as my co-workers, patients and clients were, none of this felt quite right for me. I knew I wanted to work in a field which helped people but I recognised I wasn't quite in the right place.

I hold a PhD from the University of Chester where I researched the unexplored area of non-sexual adult babies. I also hold an MSc in Person-Centred and Experiential psychotherapy from the Sherwood Psychotherapy Institute (of which I am a post-graduate member) a four year course with rigorous academic and personal development structure. Visit my LinkedIn page for more in-depth details of my education and on-going continual professional development (CPD). You can read my blog post for the Person-Centred association here.

I worked in a drug and alcohol support facility for several years, in a Cat. C male prison and for The Carers' Federation. I worked for Nottinghamshire NHS Forensic Services in the UK's largest secure psychiatric hospital for over five years.

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